3 String Skipping Blues Scale Licks

richardsguitarstudio on June 16, 2015


In this lesson, I show you how to play 3 string skipping blues scale licks on guitar. I have to say that I went a bit out there and made them especially confusing and difficult – that way you’ll get a lot of technique out of them. They sound pretty cool though, and you can take small piece from the licks that you like and make them into your own thing. All you need to take away from this lesson is a piece of a lick that is even as short as a few notes, and you’ll have added something new and fresh into you guitar playing style. Here are a few tips:

  1. Watch the picking! – I say this all of the time but only a fraction of people hear me. It is CRUCIAL to the feel, technique, efficiency of motion, and even to the difference between strong and weak beats or subdivisions. Please, please, please watch the picking.
  2. Even out the rhythm. There might be some aspects of the lick that you can play super fast. That’s cool – make your own lick out of it. But, don’t play the lick in a stop-start-stop-start fashion. Slow it down, even it out, and make each note, pick, and movement as smooth as every other one in the lick.
  3. Try in different positions on the neck. Playing higher on the neck feels much different, especially trying to keep the strings muted and avoided open-string-noise. It really does sound cool up high, though – really shreddy-like.

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio and Richards Rock Academy shows you how to play 3 string skipping blues scale licks on guitar. Learn the hammer ons, pull offs, string skipping, legato, and picking in this guitar lick. Also, check out www.richardsrockacademy.com

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