Bach…..on electric guitar! Tabs here!

Richards Rock Academy on August 24, 2011

One of the coolest ways to pick up new licks and expand your repertoire on electric guitar is to learn classical transcriptions. I have many transcriptions for electric guitar by Bach and Paganini, originally written for piano (clavichord), lute, and violin.  I transcribed the complete 15 Two-Part Inventions by J.S. Bach (written for clavichord) for electric guitar duo – one guitar plays the right hand and the other guitar plays the left hand. Try the theme (first 4 measures) below and see if you can find some cool scale and arpeggio ideas that you can play around with or create new riffs with, or even recognize some flavor of neoclassical shredders like Yngwie Malmsteen or classic metal lead guitarists like Randy Rhoads. Here is Invention No. 4 in D minor.  find a friend or teacher and have fun!

CLICK HERE for Tabs and Notation

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