Guitar Chords Lesson #3 – 12 Bar Blues

October 25, 2021

Putting it all together – 12 Bar Blues Guitar Chords! Now, we put it all together. WE learned a few chords, then we practiced switching from one chord to the next. Now, we put those together and make a guitar chord song –  12 Bar Blues! This chord progression is ubiquitous in rock music throughout … Continue reading “Guitar Chords Lesson #3 – 12 Bar Blues”

Guitar Chords Lesson #2 – Best Strategy!

The best beginner strategy for learning to switch from one chord to the next! So, you’ve learned a few chords. Now, how do you switch chords smoothly? We call it the “closing the gap method” of practicing guitar chords. This is where you strum a chord, switch to another, and slightly make the gap between … Continue reading “Guitar Chords Lesson #2 – Best Strategy!”

Guitar Chords Lesson #1

Getting Started with Guitar Chords Guitar chords are the building blocks of being able to play your favorite songs. Here is the first guitar chord lesson we teach at Richards Rock Academy – learning the A7, D7, and E7 chords. You goals is to memorize the fingerings, and simply strum a beat and test yourself … Continue reading “Guitar Chords Lesson #1”

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Holy Wars Verse Guitar Lesson

December 11, 2019

In this lesson, Nate Richards shows you how to play Holy Wars verse riff on guitar.  Complete song tabs linked below: Holy Wars Complete Guitar Tabs  Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman, David Ellefson, Nick Menza – Wow, what a lineup! In Megadeth’s 1990 classic, and in my opinion the greatest thrash metal album of all time, Rust … Continue reading “Holy Wars Verse Guitar Lesson”

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