Guitar Chords Lesson #10: FIVE Chord Progressions

Putting it all together with Five Chord Progressions in various styles! Time to put together everything we’ve learned in this chords lesson module and play five chord progressions in various styles. Nate jumps right into playing each one below, so take a few minutes and warm up with the chords and strumming patterns in the … Continue reading “Guitar Chords Lesson #10: FIVE Chord Progressions”

Guitar Chords Lesson #9 | Pop-Rock and Sus Chords

Pop-Rock and Sus chords – adding some color to our chord library! What are sus chords? “Sus” stands for “suspended.” This is a music theory term for how these chords are built (essentially, replacing the 3rd of a chord with either the 2nd or 4th). However, we really don’t need to go into that detail … Continue reading “Guitar Chords Lesson #9 | Pop-Rock and Sus Chords”

Guitar Chords Lesson #8 | Chord Song “Green-Eyed Brunette”

Let’s put it together in this chord song! This song is inspired by Brown-Eyed Girl, wittily entitled Green-Eyed Brunette. Let’s put it all together and jam out! Chords, strumming patterns, and a drum and bass track. Practice the chords and strumming patterns first, then jump in with the recording and jam along with Nate! Chord … Continue reading “Guitar Chords Lesson #8 | Chord Song “Green-Eyed Brunette””

Guitar Chords Lesson #7 | Strumming Patterns

Time to add some fun rhythm with guitar strumming patterns! Strumming patterns are the icing on the guitar chord cake! Let’s learn several common rhythms that you will find in guitar songs of all genres. Yup, even in metal, prog, shred etc adapt these rhythms into picking / chugging patterns. So, rhythm is rhythm – … Continue reading “Guitar Chords Lesson #7 | Strumming Patterns”

Guitar Chords Lesson #6 | Essential Chord Progressions

Learning the Essential Guitar Chord Progressions Songs are not just composed of chords alone – but of chord progressions. A chord progression is a series of chords played from one chord to the next in a tempo / rhythm / smooth and fluid succession. So, we’ve laid out 4 extremely common and popular chord progressions … Continue reading “Guitar Chords Lesson #6 | Essential Chord Progressions”

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