Tremolo Picking Guitar Lesson

Tremolo Picking Guitar Lesson – our new camera and audio/visual setup! Nate Richards teaches a tremolo picking guitar lesson to get your picking speed moving. Get your thrash metal on! And we are excited to show you our new audio visual setup with our brand new camera and film studio at RGS! Nate is playing … Continue reading “Tremolo Picking Guitar Lesson”

Drill #52 – Single String E Minor Scale

CLICK HERE for Tabs OK so you’re soloing is getting stale. You are running out of ideas, and your improvisation is uninspiring. Here’s a way for you to generate new ideas, reinvigorate musical expression in your lead playing, and also serve as a cool music theory lesson – the Single String E Minor Scale. Why … Continue reading “Drill #52 – Single String E Minor Scale”

Drill #51 – Paul Gilbert Style String Skipping Legato Guitar Lick

CLICK HERE for Tabs Today’s drill is a Paul Gilbert Style String Skipping Legato Guitar Lick using the minor pentatonic scale, hammer ons, and pull offs. This is also a great stretch exercise for the fretting hand, as the notes are configured in a 5-fret spread. Here are a few tips: Focus on the rhythm. … Continue reading “Drill #51 – Paul Gilbert Style String Skipping Legato Guitar Lick”

Drill of Week #50 – Bach Electric Guitar Excerpt

CLICK HERE for Tabs This post is not a tutorial or lesson. The Bach electric guitar excerpt here is from Invention No. 4 in D minor, and I give you advise in the video about how to approach practicing and performing this piece. You must spend a lot of time diligently practicing the tabs linked … Continue reading “Drill of Week #50 – Bach Electric Guitar Excerpt”

Drill of the Week #49 – Major 7th Chord Inversions

CLICK HERE for Tabs Here’s the previous jazz 7th chords lesson I refer to in the video In this lesson, we will look at Major 7th chord inversions on the guitar, and how they can be moved to various positions on the fretboard. A Major 7th chord is made up of the Root, 3rd, 5th, … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #49 – Major 7th Chord Inversions”

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