Drill of the Week #2 – Sweep Picking Arpeggio

Here is a major arpeggio that you can practice up and down the neck.  Check out video #2 for advice on sweep picking technique.  The tabs are linked below: CLICK HERE for Tabs – Link will open a new blog window. Click link again to view. (For best video quality, click “Watch on Youtube” at the bottom … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #2 – Sweep Picking Arpeggio”

Drill of the Week #1 – Finger and Picking Exercise for Guitar

Nate demonstrates guitar exercises.  A great warm-up for guitar practice.  The term “inside the string picking” refers to alternate picking between two adjacent strings with an upstroke on the lower string and a downstroke on the higher string. “Outside the string picking” is a downstroke on the lower string and an upstroke on the higher string.  Try … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #1 – Finger and Picking Exercise for Guitar”

Shred Guitar Scales 101 – G Ionian

Learn the following G Ionian scale.  Play from memory – ascending and descending – using strict alternate picking.  I will follow up with more instruction, and you can also email us at richards@richardsguitarstudio.com for more scale direction…

Daily Drill – Finger Exercise

Finger Exercises – 1-3-2-4 Play this finger exercise on each string from low E to high E, shift up one fret, then play the same finger pattern from the high E to the low E. Continue to 12th position. Reverse the exercise using 4-2-3-1 until back in 1st position. Use alternate (down-up) picking throughout. Play … Continue reading “Daily Drill – Finger Exercise”

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