Understanding the Modes – Ionian and Dorian – Drill #44

CLICK HERE for Tabs Nate begins a series on understanding the modes – Ionian and Dorian being the first 2 modes on the list. Learning the modes is important for every guitarist, not just as a guitar scale lesson or technique exercise, but as a music theory lesson on how they work. You will learn … Continue reading “Understanding the Modes – Ionian and Dorian – Drill #44”

Nate Talks About the Mastery Program

Here is a middle-of-the-night candid talk about WHY we teach the Rock Guitar Mastery Program and why it is so important to our mission at RGS. You WILL NOT find a team of teachers who think long-term like we do, and put such a value on music regarding it’s impact on quality of life. Guitar … Continue reading “Nate Talks About the Mastery Program”

How to Drop D Tune Guitar FAST by Ear Tutorial

(Amp was a little too close to the camera….) Why do you need to know how to drop D tune guitar fast by ear? What about learning to tune your guitar by ear in standard tuning, or any other tuning for that matter? Here are a few things to think about. Ear training is ALWAYS … Continue reading “How to Drop D Tune Guitar FAST by Ear Tutorial”

Sweep Picking Arpeggios Guitar Lesson Series

Richards Guitar Studio Sweep Picking Arpeggios Guitar Lesson Series – ALL 7 LESSONS BELOW Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play sweep picking arpeggios in this guitar lesson by Richards Guitar Studio. ┬áThe lesson includes how to use sweep picking technique, speed, Major / minor / diminished arpeggios, hammer ons and pull … Continue reading “Sweep Picking Arpeggios Guitar Lesson Series”

Pentatonic and Blues Scale Lesson Series

In five videos, Nate takes you through the 5 pentatonic and blues scales, scale sequences, hammer-ons and pull-offs, and scale construction and theory for the minor and the major pentatonic scale as well as the blues scale. All links will open a new blog window. Click link again to view. PART 1 – The 5 … Continue reading “Pentatonic and Blues Scale Lesson Series”

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