How to Play Bar (Barre) Chords Clearly

Nate shows you how to set up bar chords, as well as play them clearly and eliminate muted strings.  

Modes for Guitar – Example in Dorian

Nate discusses what it means to play in a mode. Great guitarists such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and John Petrucci all make use of the modes in various ways. This is an introduction to music theory and modal theory videos that Nate plans to post shortly. Questions? Send them to  

Guitar Finger Exercise Procedure

Nate shows you how to develop your guitar technique over one year with this weekly finger exercise procedure – 156 total finger exercises.  Don’t skip anything!  Stay with it, keep trying, and you will definitely see results.  Tabs linked below for the exercise procedure and a spreadsheet is included for you to print and keep … Continue reading “Guitar Finger Exercise Procedure”

Eric Matelyan – Rhythm Variations Guitar Lesson

Richards Guitar Studio teacher Eric Matelyan gives a great lesson on taking your rhythm guitar playing to the next level.  Learn creative ways to make your strumming more interesting with ties, muting, alternate picking, and various combinations.  A great lesson to practice rhythm counting, as well as improving your songwriting or improvising with better rhythms.  … Continue reading “Eric Matelyan – Rhythm Variations Guitar Lesson”

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