Drill of the Week #41 – Jazz 7th Chords Root Position 6432

richardsguitarstudio on April 13, 2015


Even rock guitar players should want to expand their chord knowledge into the realm of jazz guitar by learning jazz 7th chords. Jazz offers us a huge library of chords that can spice up our songs, improve chord technique, and add interest to songwriting. Also, jazz 7th chords have an interesting sound to expand your ear training.

  1. Go slowly. Check out all the tabs and fingerings and make the chord slowly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen students rush into learning, in particular, the Major 7th chord and play it wrong. Don’t rush.
  2. Dampen string 5 and 1 (A and high E). Focus on keeping those strings quiet Рany string noise can really destroy the sound.
  3. Try strumming with your thumb.¬†This adds a nice, soft/smooth/Wes Montgomery sound – and it’s different so it’ll add variety to your practice time.

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play jazz 7th chords root position on strings 6432. Learn Major 7, Dominant 7, minor 7, minor 7b5, and diminished 7 chords on guitar. Then learn a short chord progression to practice strumming and doing chord changes.

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