‘Extents’, more atoms and ADDA (via Gitbuddy’s Guitar Blog)

Richards Rock Academy on August 12, 2011

Hey guys – here is a great blog post by Gitbuddy using the 3-note-per-string scale in a creative way. Check it out.

‘Extents’, more atoms and ADDA Link to Earlier article Consider the following faithful (yet tired) 3 note per string scale. Note that again, meter, harmonic resolution etc is up to you and doesn’t matter for the purposes of this illustration. End on a C for fun if you really want to go diatonic. (Ignore the lowest line which isn’t a tab line – it’s the black border from my screen snip tool.) Now consider the ‘extents’ of each 3 note group, i.e the lowest and highest notes (or … Read More

via Gitbuddy's Guitar Blog

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