Featured Riff #21 – No Quarter by Led Zeppelin

richardsguitarstudio on November 28, 2014


One of the classic riffs, No Quarter by Led Zeppelin is the perfect riff to work on sliding and power chords. Jimmy Page’s unique style has influenced countless guitarists, and his technical skill, great tone, and amazing vibrato have been woven into the fabric of many famous guitarists since his time in Led Zeppelin in the 70s. Here are a few tips:

  1. Practice DESCENDING slides just as much, if not more, as ascending. Descending slides tend to be more difficult for most guitar students. An ascending slide has a bit more leverage behind it, whereas a descending slide tends to get cut off easier, frustrating countless guitar students!
  2. Beware of your thumb. Not too much pressure. If anything, practice sliding with the thumb hovering behind the neck in the air and not squeezing the neck.  The pressure for holding down the string during a slide, especially descending slide, should come from te back of the hand. Imagine using your fingertips to hold yourself while rock climbing – the back of your hand and fingers creating a “claw.”
  3. Keep it smooth. Stay relaxed and keep it smooth, allowing the strings to ring together where indicated. Play in an almost sluggish manner, and stay behind the beat – do not rush the beat, let it come to you.
  4. If you want to go the extra mile, try learning the amazing and trippy keyboard parts. It’s worth the effort and it’s a great example of using chords that are a bit outside of the box.

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play the riff from No Quarter played by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Learn the guitar tabs and slide technique in the song in this tutorial.

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