Guitar Chords Lesson #10: FIVE Chord Progressions

Nate Richards on November 10, 2021

Putting it all together with Five Chord Progressions in various styles!

Time to put together everything we’ve learned in this chords lesson module and play five chord progressions in various styles. Nate jumps right into playing each one below, so take a few minutes and warm up with the chords and strumming patterns in the sheet linked below.

Chords Lesson 10 FULL Sheet

Progression A: “Country Love” (Dsus2 / Asus2 / Em / G)

This progression is inspired by Treacherous by Taylor Swift, and uses the syncopation #1 strumming pattern from Lesson #7: Rock Starter Strumming Patterns.  Take a few minutes to review the chords and strumming pattern using the sheet linked above, and then get jamming with Nate in the video!

Progression B: “Wonderman” (Em7 / G / Dsus4 / A7sus4)

Progression C: “Swift Bitterness” (Cadd9 / G / Dsus4 / Em)


Progression D: “Poison’s Rose” (G / Cadd9 / D)


Progression E: “Hold On” (G / Dsus4 / Em7 / Cadd9)

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