Guitar practice advise – consistency

Richards Rock Academy on May 15, 2011

Hello fellow guitarists. Just like a diet, exercise, learning a foreign language, or saving money – consistency is the key to success. Whatever your musical goals, the key is to work a little bit each day with focused intensity over a long period of time. If your goal is to become a good lead guitarist, you should focus a portion of your practice each day to learning a system of scales, practicing technique, learning theory, and learning solos by other artists. If you want to become a good rhythm guitarist, focus on learning chord systems, rhythm counting and strumming, common rhythm patterns in various styles, and learning songs ACCURATELY by other artists.

Do each of these for a short period of time EVERY DAY for several months and you will be ahead of the game. Do not try to learn it all in a week on youtube – it simply will not happen for you. Allow yourself the time to absorb the content. Build slowly and outgrow your current knowledge naturally. Stay focused, stay patient, and do not change courses when you hit a snag!

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