How to master the guitar

Richards Rock Academy on May 13, 2011

Mastering the guitar is a lifetime pursuit. Learning a few riffs on youtube or from a friend is fine, but that doesn’t make you a guitarist. A good musician should be able to do the following:

Read standard music notation fluently
Understand basic music theory and fretboard theory
Develop efficient, proper technique
Perform a variety of styles, inlcuding basic classical guitar
Improvise and compose music

Without any one of the above items, you will have a large gap in your overall ability. Do your best to start with one topic that you are lacking TODAY and take baby-steps toward mastery. FOCUS and CONSISTENCY is the key. Most guitar players lack music reading skills (thus perpetuating the stigma of guitarist not being “real musicians”). My recommendation is to learn basic classical and practice it every day, even if only for a few minutes. Take six months of classical lesson minimum and watch your rock, jazz, blues, etc. improve exponentially. I see this every day at my guitar lesson studio.

More advice on this topic to follow.

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