How to Play Blank Space by Taylor Swift

richardsguitarstudio on November 25, 2014

Yup, that’s right – how to play Blank Space by Taylor Swift. While she’s not known for feats of guitar gymnastics, Taylor Swift has consistently written songs that the public goes nuts over. Soooo, at parties and gatherings, it’s always great to be able to play songs that people know and can sing along. Ironically, people like your guitar playing better when they know the song and can sing along than they do watching you shred something really advanced. People like what they know – and they don’t really care how good you really are (most of the time – in general). If they can sing along – you are a guitar god. If they can’t, you’re OK but “I don’t know that song….play something I know….”  The more songs you know that people can sing along with, the better you’ll be perceived to be. Here are a few tips:

  1. Learn both the capo AND the bar chord version. It’s fun to do the capo version along with the recording, but use this as an opportunity to practice bar chords. Also, if you don’t have a capo handy, you’ll know how to play it in the right key – and everyone can sing along.
  2. If you’re a beginner, do one section at a time. Focus on the verse for a few days, then try the chorus. They are similar, but there is enough difference that you’ll want to master one at a time rather than trying everything at once.
  3. Find some Taylor Swift fanatics – and have a blast. Let down your guard, strum away, and enjoy the show as the people around you start to go nuts and show off their stage antics.

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play Blank Space by Taylor Swift on guitar in this tutorial. Learn the chords, strumming, and using the capo. The chords include D-Bm-G-A for the verse and D-Bm-Em-G for the chorus.

Don’t have a capo? Chords are F-Dm-Bb-C for the verse and then F-Dm-Gm-Bb for the chorus.

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