How to Play Hello by Adele on Guitar for Real

richardsguitarstudio on November 7, 2015


Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play Hello by Adele on guitar for real. These are the actual piano voicings arranged for guitar. Yes, a bit more advanced than the easy version – but totally worth it because the chords sound so cool! Instead of the standard guitar chord voicings we are all accustomed to, these have a very rich, resonant sound, utilizing think harmonies in the lower register of the guitar. Get ready to stretch!

  1. You will use fingerpicking for this version. Using the thumb and 3 fingers (no pinkie for plucking), you will grab and pluck 4-note chords. Practice setting your fingers onto the strings, and try to balance the weight evenly onto the strings. So, don’t put lots of pressure on the thumb and leave the fingers hanging, or vice versa. When you pluck, you’ll get a nice, even chord balance. DON’T pluck too hard! Don’t grab at the strings from underneath and get a “popping” sound. Pluck gently and evenly, and you’ll get a nice resonant chord. Take it easy.
  2. When barring, use the side of the finger, pressing on the bone. Open up the first finger away from the second finger so there is a big gap. This will create lots of leverage so you can get the finger in the sweet spot of the fret (the nook between the wood of the fretboard and just behind the fret wire).
  3. When stretching, use the side of the index finger tip rather than trying to  get directly on the tip. You’ll be able to stretch farther and still get a good tone out of the chord.

Overall, the goal is to stay totally relaxed so that you can express the quiet, calm, contemplative, nostalgic mood of the song.

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