How to Play When You Were Young by The Killers

richardsguitarstudio on November 26, 2014

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This lesson is one of my favorites and shows you how to play When You Were Young by The Killers. This song is super high energy, fun, and great for live performances. Currently, our Jr. rock band Stix ‘n Pix performs this song as a set closer, and the crowd goes crazy! Here are a few tips:

  1. Count, count, count the eighth notes. When playing repetitive chords, its easy to get lost and forget how many you strummed. The key is not counting each chord – the key is knowing which beat or rhythm count the chords change. For example, there is a chord change on the count “2-and” in section a of this song. So rather than saying “I play the first chord 8 times, then the next 3 times, then the next 5 times, then the next 8 times etc”, it’s easier and more efficient to know that all the chords change on beat one except for one – the one that changes on “2-and.” Same concept goes for the repeated-note solos.
  2. Practice section C – a lot. This part is tough. You must use guide fingers to help you shift chords. Find the notes that are common between the chords and focus on them when shifting. Also, hold the notes down like chords and let the strings ring out together.
  3. Play along with the recording. The form of this song is a bit more complex than the average verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus-end form that most songs abide by. So, play along with the song as much as possible to memorize the ordering of the parts.

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play When You Were Young by The Killers on guitar in this tutorial guitar lesson. Learn the guitar tabs, chords, strumming, guitar solo, guitar riffs, chord progressions, picking, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar. Also, check out the GUITAR COVER BELOW!

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