Learning songs on guitar

Richards Rock Academy on May 15, 2011

My advise for learning songs – DO NOT HALF-ASS IT! If you are going to learn a song, go all the way and duplicate the recording. Make sure you have a good transcription – there are few good ones online, so I recommend Guitar World magazine. Hands down they are the best.

DO NOT LEARN SOLOS until you can play the entire track along with the recording from start to finish. Only after you can play the whole song should you learn the solos. This is the number one reason why many people know only parts of songs and never complete a song (the solo takes too long to learn and students move on to another song, they get frustrated with it, solo is too difficult, etc.).

TAKE YOUR TIME and work out each detail. Check your picking and make sure your rhythm is not discrupted by incorrect picking choices. Check left-hand fingerngs, decide on a fingering, and stick with it. Be able to play the song exactly the same way each time you play it. I am all for improvisation and spontaneous expression, but you should be able to master your craft, as well.

LEARN A SONG BELOW YOUR LEVEL to start your new learning process. Get a few quick wins to give you momentum.

Have fun. www.richardsguitarstudio.com

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