Eric Matelyan

Guitar Teacher in Aston, PA

Teaches Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays; Rock Academy Director

Eric first picked up an electric guitar at the age of 13, and hasn’t put it down since. He first started out listening and playing to the likes of several mainstream bands such as The Deftones, KoRn, Linkin Park, Slipknot, etc, but has slowly ventured out into various other territories including Jazz, Classical, Blues and other variations on the Rock and Metal genres. Deciding that music was going to be what he wanted out of life, he decided to take up classical guitar as a means of auditioning into a music school.

After pursuing classical guitar lessons for about a year in 2006, Eric made his way into West Chester University as a music major, and his experience there was priceless. Between music theory classes, performances, ear training classes and piano, his knowledge of music expanded in ways that one can only achieve by working with teachers and other musicians. However, in his 4th semester at the university, he realized he didn’t love classical guitar as much as electric, and decided to return to his roots.

He’s played in several bands throughout high school and college, and still envisions that scenario as a personal dream of his. Along with performances in classical guitar, he has played several concerts in rock/metal environments.

Eric feels that the best way to grow as a musician is to be open to various styles, as they provide a fresh take on how you play and think about the guitar. When you find exactly what you are passionate about, chase it. Engaging with other musicians and with teachers is the best way to overcome any obstacle that you encounter, and open doors you never realized where there. Creativity is gained through experience, he believes, and can’t simply be learned through books or the internet. Personally speaking, Eric’s expertise lies in the areas of rock and metal, however, he always keeps a foot in the door to other styles to better improve and enhance his own playing.

Watch him (or listen – it was a dark venue) play with his band, along with RGS drum teacher Josh. Some pretty amazing progressive metal!

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