Joe Dychala

Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele, and Harmonica Teacher in Aston, PA

Joe Dychala is one of the academy’s busiest instructors teaching five instruments (Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele, and Harmonica) across a six day schedule. He has literally taught students of all ages from eight to eighty!

A proud Chester native, Joe traces his musical journey to hearing an eclectic mix from his sister while learning sight singing with the Bernadine Sisters at Saint Hedwig school.  With an early foundation in keyboards he received a guitar at twelve which set him on a lifelong pursuit of music.  Joe learned the fundamentals of guitar with Lou Dinafo at Caruso Brother’s Brookhaven studio then studied with Mike Rubin at West Chester Music where he learned improvisation, modes, and music theory.  Joe studied bass guitar at Beams with Ron Shank and returned to piano under Hal McKay, a Berklee graduate and local performing legend, where he gained knowledge in advanced music theory and harmony.

With a background in Biotech and Information Technology he left his career to assist with end of life care for his father.  This was a pivotal moment, and taking his father’s advice of “if you don’t ask you won’t know”, resolved to shift careers, teach music and pursue his passion.   Joe brought his experience from Biotech and IT, performing on the cover band circuit and experience as a soundman to his teaching specialties.  Joe taught guitar, bass and piano at fellow Aston Township business piano retailer B&N Piano for over a decade, where he gained interest in piano construction and tuning, further building his musical erudition with Nick Natale.  He landed at Richards in 2018 after B&N ended their lesson programs and has been with us ever since!

Joe enjoys dissecting all facets of classical music having been a decade long subscriber to the Delaware County Symphony.  In addition to studying guitar technology/construction, exploring decades of rock music with an emphasis on the folk and psychedelic rock of the late sixties,  he enjoys playing music on the recorder and mandolin in his downtime.  Also, fervently intrigued by the exposition of music theory, Joe likes to pass on his knowledge of the nuts and bolts, the how and why of what makes this stuff work and how music is as much a science as it is an art form.

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