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Ever wondered how music REALLY works? And how does one apply classical music theory principles to their primary instrument? How do you determine which scales go with which chords, and vice versa? How are scales, chords, and keys made? What do all those funny musical terms such as “Phrygian” or “Major7#11” mean? How did the classical masters compose music? How did they use harmony? What is voice-leading? Counterpoint? Harmonic function? Non-Chord Tones?

Music theory is the secret ingredient to your dramatic improvement as a player and musician!!!

Music theory lessons will improve your playing, understanding, ear training, memorization, reading, improvisation, songwriting, even your technique will improve! That sounds like a stretch, but it’s true – a large percentage of music is the mental game, not just the physical. I can say that my playing has improved ten-fold since I learned music theory, and then applied that knowledge to guitar performance.

Guitarists – listen to this video! The great progressive guitarist Tosin Abasi talks about how his playing improved dramatically after he started taking lessons, studying music theory, learning to read music, and working with professional teachers. What followed? ANIMALS AS LEADERS DEBUT ALBUM!!!

You will enjoy music more, and journey into the mysteries of how it all works.  To me, this is the aspect of music theory for which I am most grateful. The profundity of music is quite astonishing and awe-inspiring once you plunge into the depths of the structures, science, and artistry of music – and you see how myriad musical elements work together in real-time as a living, breathing, and ever-changing sonic force that changes emotions, touches the soul, houses memories, frames experiences, and becomes the “soundtrack of our lives.”

RICK GRAHAM on Reading Music!!!

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Richards Guitar Studio teachers have undergraduate- and graduate-level music theory training from university music schools. You are in good hands studying the inner-workings of music theory with our qualified instructors.

Nate Richards performing at Settlement Music School Philadelphia.

Nate Richards has an undergraduate degree in music theory and composition from West Chester University, as well as graduate-level training, and has applied his classical guitar and music theory training to electric and rock guitar performance and teaching.

And music is MORE FUN, and I’m able to be MORE CREATIVE, and I can quickly learn and incorporate MORE GENRES into my music-making now that I have all of the tools at my disposal. Whatever sounds and emotions I want to create, I now have Full Control over every note that I play.

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