Podcast Episode 2 – Pete Napper Interview

richardsguitarstudio on November 18, 2014

Richards Guitar Studio Podcast Episode 2 – Interview with Pete Napper. I had the pleasure of talking with Pete for a half hour on all things learning guitar. I couldn’t be happier with the material that came out of this interview! WOW – Pete really knocked it out of the park with some great advice for guitarists of all ages, levels, and styles.¬†Interview included advice on improving and developing guitar playing, the Troy Stetina method, classical guitar, theory, and much more.

Pete was a top student at RGS and is now an advanced guitarist currently working on ambitious projects in his own playing, including a full album cover of “Colors” by Between the Buried and Me. ¬†Watch his cover of “White Walls” below – excuse the rough audio due to an incredibly loud amp.

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