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Richards Rock Academy in Aston, PA offers the highest quality guitar lessons in Delaware County, PA. Learn guitar and have fun doing it! Our teachers are trained and active musicians, and our engaging guitar lessons program design is unmatched in our area. Whether you’re looking for expert classical, rock, acoustic, blues, beginner, or any genre in between…Whether you’re looking for lessons for kids, teens, or adults…We have a specialist for you!

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Richards Rock Academy guitar student performing at The Trocadero


For electric guitar students, our optional Rock Guitar Mastery Program™ is a unique opportunity for students to test through 7 levels of mastery that, if practiced diligently, will without a doubt create the complete advanced guitarist. If you are looking to learn electric guitar, or already play and want to improve, this program is for you – you do not want to miss out on this opportunity.

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Rock Guitar Mastery Program Student


Overall, we strive to create engaging guitar lessons in which students practice with their teacher in real-time to leave the lesson a better guitarist than when they entered. Using a variety of methods and resources, our guitar teachers focus the lessons towards the genre of music that gets the student excited and passionate about learning how to play guitar, and how to play their favorite songs! Our students are kids, teens, and adults of all backgrounds, levels, and areas of interest, so our teachers have extensive experience in tailoring the guitar lessons to each individual who walks in the door.

What’s a typical guitar lesson like? We always like to teach and practice guitar techniques and learn the theory behind the music – this helps our students be able to learn any song they want over time! We like to learn and play songs in the lesson, as well as use our resources to make the lesson engaging, such as our band room, PA system, online tools, videos, audio equipment and software, and mobile apps.

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