Take Violin Lessons and Viola Lessons at Richards Guitar Studio

Richards Guitar Studio offers high-quality violin lessons and viola lessons with our professional teacher Natalie Conover. Natalie has B.A. in Viola Performance from West Chester University and plays professionally in the amazing Transcendence String Quartet. She teaches all ages and levels of violin and viola, and she even has perfect pitch!

Violin lessons Viola lessons

Whether you are a parent looking for a good violin teacher or viola teacher for your child, or you are an adult pursuing a life-long dream of being able to play some of the most expressive, most profound repertoire in the history of Western music – we offer quality violin and viola lessons for all ages and levels!

Here is Natalie performing viola with her string quartet Transcendence  at Ware Recital Hall, College of Visual and Performing Arts, School of Music, Swope Hall at West Chester University.