Quick Tip #2 – Beginner Rhythm Guitar

richardsguitarstudio on August 12, 2009

Start learning chords in the open-position (open strings and first 4 frets).  Begin with open position 7th chords and learn some blues progressions.  Then, move on to the 3 standard minor chords (Am, Dm, Em) and the 5 Major chords (“CAGED”).  By learning chords in categories, it will help you memorize the fingerings and, most importantly, the sound of each chord type (7, minor, Major).

Advanced players – this is a great way to teach chords to your beginning students if you are looking to make some extra cash teaching lessons.

For more info on chord practice and links to useful pdf files, contact me at richards@richardsguitarstudio.com.

Nate Richards

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