Quick Tip #4 – Speed Picking

richardsguitarstudio on August 20, 2009

For increased speed, practice the following:

1 – Bend your thumb’s tip joint (at the nail) so the pick attacks the string at a slight angle.  The pick will slide off the string with ease.  When you hold the pick flat against the string, this causes the pick to get “stuck” when alternate picking.

2 – Only allow only the tip of the pick to attack the string.  Choke up on the pick.

3 – Practice rhythmic subdivision.  Turn on a metronome and practice sixteenth notes on one string.  Play One-e-and-a Two-e-and-a Three-e-and-a Four-e-and-a with strict down-up picking on a single note.  The downbeats (One, Two, Three, and Four) should be played with a normal attack.  The off-beats (e-and-a) should be played lightly.  The more controlled and even the rhythm, the faster you will be able to play – eventually.  Be patient and practice controlled and even – speed will come.


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