Quick Tip #5 – Practice and Muscle Memory

richardsguitarstudio on August 20, 2009

Practice slowly and controlled and you will be able to shred.  Here are the steps to practice and muscle memory.

1 – Slow Practice – controlled, even, relaxed, ACCURATE repetition.  The definition of practice is accurate repetition.

2 – Muscle coordination will develop from diligent slow practice.  For every lick, solo, song, riff, etc., your hands need to learn a new coordination of movements.  Remember – your hands are WAY dumber than your brain, so be patient.

3 – Reflex – this is when your muscles are fully coordinated and your are able to play on “auto-pilot.”  This is the stage where speed develops cleanly, and long strings of notes can be played as a single group (without having to concentrate on every single note)..

4 – Speed and Endurance – playing fast or playing for long periods of time without tiring or straining your hands/wrists/shoulders/neck can be achieved when your reflex movements are running smoothly.

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