What is RGS Music Pass?

Introducing the New RGS Music Pass! A great opportunity to explore more instruments, with a customized schedule, at a lower price!

This 4-lesson package is for the family looking to try lessons for multiple students, or the single student looking to try up to 4 instruments to see which they like best!

Current RGS students also eligible when looking to try/add new lessons, or enroll a sibling/parent/other family member.

We will be in touch within 24-48 hours to get you started!

(If you are looking for a trial lesson for one student/instrument, Click Here.)

How does it work?

RGS Music Pass is a great option for the student or family looking to explore a variety of instruments and lessons prior to committing to officially signing up for lessons. Choose 2-4 instruments, and schedule lesson dates and times with Nate Richards – Contact Here.

The package includes 4 lessons and can be customized to your needs (for ex, 2 guitar lessons for one child and 2 piano lessons for the other / or 2 guitar lessons for a parent, 1 violin lesson for a child, and 1 drum lesson for the other, etc etc). Any way we can slice it, we’ll make it work.

Ready to Learn Music?