How to Play Renegades on Guitar by X Ambassadors

CLICK HERE for Tabs In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play Renegades on guitar by X Ambassadors using fingerpicking, easy guitar chords, and a more advanced version using bar chords. I’ve also included the strumming parts of the song in the guitar tabs linked above. This song uses fingerpicking – you’ll use the … Continue reading “How to Play Renegades on Guitar by X Ambassadors”

UGT Tip: Guitar Fingerpicking

Ultimate Guitar Training Tip:  Fingerpicking For most songs, try to use the following right hand fingering rule – thumb plays any note on Low E, A, and D strings, index plays any note on G string, middle plays any note on B string, ring plays any note on high E string.  No pinkie.  Try playing … Continue reading “UGT Tip: Guitar Fingerpicking”

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