Nate Talks About the Mastery Program

Here is a middle-of-the-night candid talk about WHY we teach the Rock Guitar Mastery Program and why it is so important to our mission at RGS. You WILL NOT find a team of teachers who think long-term like we do, and put such a value on music regarding it’s impact on quality of life. Guitar … Continue reading “Nate Talks About the Mastery Program”

Richards Rock Academy Show Videos! NEW YouTube!

SUBSCRIBE to our NEW YouTube channelĀ or go to Rock Academy WEBSITE to watch Richards Rock Academy show videos! Alice in Chains, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, In This Moment, and more! 9th Spectrum Alice in Chains – Would? Letters From the Fire – Eleanor Rigby cover In This Moment – The Promise Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man … Continue reading “Richards Rock Academy Show Videos! NEW YouTube!”

Drill of the Week #34 – Acoustic Guitar Strumming Technique

CLICK HERE for TabsĀ – Link will open a new window Acoustic guitar strumming is an integral part of any guitarist’s arsenal – even if you play electric guitar and rock/metal styles. Strumming helps develop a solid sense of beat, rhythm, and syncopation. In addition, many rock style bands incorporate ballads into their repertoire, so you’ll … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #34 – Acoustic Guitar Strumming Technique”

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