Guitar Chords Lesson #3 – 12 Bar Blues

Putting it all together – 12 Bar Blues Guitar Chords! Now, we put it all together. WE learned a few chords, then we practiced switching from one chord to the next. Now, we put those together and make a guitar chord song –  12 Bar Blues! This chord progression is ubiquitous in rock music throughout … Continue reading “Guitar Chords Lesson #3 – 12 Bar Blues”

3 String Skipping Blues Scale Licks

CLICK HERE for Tabs In this lesson, I show you how to play 3 string skipping blues scale licks on guitar. I have to say that I went a bit out there and made them especially confusing and difficult – that way you’ll get a lot of technique out of them. They sound pretty cool … Continue reading “3 String Skipping Blues Scale Licks”

Drill of the Week #36 – Blues Guitar Lick

Click HERE for Tabs Rock music has it’s roots in blues, and blues licks are a key component to many guitar solos, as well as riffs. This blues guitar lick has many different elements crammed into it. Here are a few tips to get you started: Focus on intonation (tuning the bends). If you haven’t … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #36 – Blues Guitar Lick”

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