How to Play Renegades on Guitar by X Ambassadors

CLICK HERE for Tabs In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play Renegades on guitar by X Ambassadors using fingerpicking, easy guitar chords, and a more advanced version using bar chords. I’ve also included the strumming parts of the song in the guitar tabs linked above. This song uses fingerpicking – you’ll use the … Continue reading “How to Play Renegades on Guitar by X Ambassadors”

John Lennon – How to Play Happy Xmas on Guitar

CLICK HERE for Tabs The Holidays are approaching! Here’s how to play Happy Xmas on guitar by John Lennon! Easy guitar chords! I really like this song because it hits a few great guitar topics, while at the same is a holiday song that is relevant to the season. John Lennon makes great use of … Continue reading “John Lennon – How to Play Happy Xmas on Guitar”

Nate and Alexis Corcoran – Adele Hello Cover

Nate and Alexis Corcoran play Adele Hello cover. It’s all about Adele this week! Check out our Adele Hello easy guitar chords tutorial HERE Check out our Adele Hello advanced guitar lesson HERE Richards Guitar Studio ad Richards Rock Academy offers professional guitar lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons, guitar teacher training, and rock band rock … Continue reading “Nate and Alexis Corcoran – Adele Hello Cover”

How to Play Hello by Adele on Guitar for Real

CLICK HERE for Tabs Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play Hello by Adele on guitar for real. These are the actual piano voicings arranged for guitar. Yes, a bit more advanced than the easy version – but totally worth it because the chords sound so cool! Instead of the standard guitar … Continue reading “How to Play Hello by Adele on Guitar for Real”

How to Practice Guitar Scales

In this video, I show you how to practice guitar scales with methods and techniques that will help you memorize scales, develop scale speed, and work on articulations such as hammer-ons and pull-offs. Here is a list of instructions covered in the video, and a bit of advice on each element of the practice routine: … Continue reading “How to Practice Guitar Scales”

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