Picking Exercise #2: Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes

Picking Strategy for Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes Nate takes you through 3 picking exercises, pick strokes, and drills using rest stroke, free stroke, and upstroke playing quarter notes and eighth notes. Picking Exercise #2 Tabs

Drill #46 – John Petrucci Warm Up Exercise

CLICK HERE for Tabs Nate shows you a variation on a great John Petrucci warm up exercise from the book Rock Discipline. This exercise focuses on string skipping, alternate picking, stretch, finger independence, and finger dexterity control. If you only have a few minutes to warm up before playing guitar, this is a great choice … Continue reading “Drill #46 – John Petrucci Warm Up Exercise”

How to Play Bar (Barre) Chords Clearly

Nate shows you how to set up bar chords, as well as play them clearly and eliminate muted strings.  

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