RGS Podcast Relaunch!!!

RGS Podcast Relaunch We’re excited to announce the RGS Podcast relaunch! Subscribe to Richards Guitar Studio on iTunes, Podomatic, CastBox, or wherever you listen!  Below is a time-stamped breakdown of what we cover in Episode 3: Discussion with Nate Richards and Colin Ainsworth.  On Episode 3 of the Richards Guitar Studio podcast, the show is … Continue reading “RGS Podcast Relaunch!!!”

Nate Talks About the Mastery Program

Here is a middle-of-the-night candid talk about WHY we teach the Rock Guitar Mastery Program and why it is so important to our mission at RGS. You WILL NOT find a team of teachers who think long-term like we do, and put such a value on music regarding it’s impact on quality of life. Guitar … Continue reading “Nate Talks About the Mastery Program”

Podcast Episode 2 – Pete Napper Interview

Richards Guitar Studio Podcast Episode 2 – Interview with Pete Napper. I had the pleasure of talking with Pete for a half hour on all things learning guitar. I couldn’t be happier with the material that came out of this interview! WOW – Pete really knocked it out of the park with some great advice … Continue reading “Podcast Episode 2 – Pete Napper Interview”

Drill of the Week #36 – Blues Guitar Lick

Click HERE for Tabs Rock music has it’s roots in blues, and blues licks are a key component to many guitar solos, as well as riffs. This blues guitar lick has many different elements crammed into it. Here are a few tips to get you started: Focus on intonation (tuning the bends). If you haven’t … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #36 – Blues Guitar Lick”

How to Play Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin

Click HERE for Tabs Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin – a classic B-side song on Led Zeppelin IV that tends to be over-shadowed by Stairway, Black Dog, and Rock and Roll. This song makes great use of the guitar’s ability to play unisons – something a piano or wind instrument cannot do. While playing a unison, … Continue reading “How to Play Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin”

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