How to Play Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Yup, that’s right – how to play Blank Space by Taylor Swift. While she’s not known for feats of guitar gymnastics, Taylor Swift has consistently written songs that the public goes nuts over. Soooo, at parties and gatherings, it’s always great to be able to play songs that people know and can sing along. Ironically, … Continue reading “How to Play Blank Space by Taylor Swift”

Drill of the Week #35 – Harmonic Minor Scale Speed Sequence

Click HERE for Tabs – Link opens a new blog window. Click again to view. OK here is a harmonic minor lick that is a bit more advanced – but YOU GOT THIS! Learning to play fast is NOT just for shredders! Have you ever heard the song Don’t Stop Believing? Is that a shred song? Nope. … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #35 – Harmonic Minor Scale Speed Sequence”

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