Featured Riff #20 – Don’t Call Me Dude by Scatterbrain

Click HERE for Tabs Thanks for suggesting this, Jack! Teaching guitar lessons is not only a fulfilling job, but my students introduce me to music I’ve never heard all of the time. This is an awesome chicken’ pickin’ – hybrid picking – where you use your pick as well as finger picking at the same … Continue reading “Featured Riff #20 – Don’t Call Me Dude by Scatterbrain”

How to Drop D Tune Guitar FAST by Ear Tutorial

(Amp was a little too close to the camera….) Why do you need to know how to drop D tune guitar fast by ear? What about learning to tune your guitar by ear in standard tuning, or any other tuning for that matter? Here are a few things to think about. Ear training is ALWAYS … Continue reading “How to Drop D Tune Guitar FAST by Ear Tutorial”

Drill of the Week #35 – Harmonic Minor Scale Speed Sequence

Click HERE for Tabs – Link opens a new blog window. Click again to view. OK here is a harmonic minor lick that is a bit more advanced – but YOU GOT THIS! Learning to play fast is NOT just for shredders! Have you ever heard the song Don’t Stop Believing? Is that a shred song? Nope. … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #35 – Harmonic Minor Scale Speed Sequence”

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