Tremolo Picking Guitar Lesson

Tremolo Picking Guitar Lesson – our new camera and audio/visual setup! Nate Richards teaches a tremolo picking guitar lesson to get your picking speed moving. Get your thrash metal on! And we are excited to show you our new audio visual setup with our brand new camera and film studio at RGS! Nate is playing … Continue reading “Tremolo Picking Guitar Lesson”

Drill #48 – Alternate Picking Exercise

CLICK HERE for Tabs Nate from Richards Guitar Studio and Richards Rock Academy shows you a great alternate picking exercise on guitar that helps increase speed, endurance, and synchronization between the picking and frethand fingers. When practicing an alternate picking exercise on guitar, you want to start slowly, playing evenly and controlled, and only begin … Continue reading “Drill #48 – Alternate Picking Exercise”

Drill of the Week #29 – Scale Fragment Speed Ex.

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to increase your guitar scale speed in this guitar scale fragment speed lesson by Richards Guitar Studio. The lesson includes how to use a metronome to develop guitar speed, speed bursts, scale fragments in E minor, alternate picking, triplets, and establishing a control speed. Great for metal, … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #29 – Scale Fragment Speed Ex.”

Drill of the Week #7 – Speed Picking Follow-up

Nate builds on a previous exercise and shows you how to synchronize your pick and fingers in this follow-up to Drill of the Week #7 – Speed Picking Ex.  Tabs below. CLICK HERE for Tabs – Link will open a new blog window. Click link again to view. (For best video quality, click “watch on youtube” on … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #7 – Speed Picking Follow-up”

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