New Jazz Band – Richards Rock Academy

New Jazz Band at Richards Rock Academy with Brooke Falls Richards Guitar Studio and Richards Rock Academy are pleased to present….new jazz band MILLENNIUM JAZZ with sensational frontwoman Brooke Falls! Phenomenal pianist Tina Douglass, drummer Jared Schwartz, and guitarist Jeremy Cleghorn. Here is their set at World Cafe Live in Philly! See their first performance … Continue reading “New Jazz Band – Richards Rock Academy”

Drill of the Week #49 – Major 7th Chord Inversions

CLICK HERE for Tabs Here’s the previous jazz 7th chords lesson I refer to in the video In this lesson, we will look at Major 7th chord inversions on the guitar, and how they can be moved to various positions on the fretboard. A Major 7th chord is made up of the Root, 3rd, 5th, … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #49 – Major 7th Chord Inversions”

Drill of the Week #41 – Jazz 7th Chords Root Position 6432

CLICK HERE for Tabs Even rock guitar players should want to expand their chord knowledge into the realm of jazz guitar by learning jazz 7th chords. Jazz offers us a huge library of chords that can spice up our songs, improve chord technique, and add interest to songwriting. Also, jazz 7th chords have an interesting … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #41 – Jazz 7th Chords Root Position 6432”

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