Music Theory Lesson – What Makes a Song in a Mode

New YouTube Music Theory Lesson – What Makes a Song in a Mode Nate Richards talks about what makes a song in a mode in this music theory lesson.  So, what exactly is a mode? Let’s start with the Major Scale – which is the overarching parent scale in all Western music. To be brief, … Continue reading “Music Theory Lesson – What Makes a Song in a Mode”

How to Learn Music Theory – Where do I start?

Nate Richards – owner. Undergraduate degree in music theory and composition. Currently pursuing master’s degree (about halfway there!). In this video, I discuss how to learn music theory, and where to start. This is not a music theory lesson, it is advice on where to start, what things to focus on , and what constitutes a … Continue reading “How to Learn Music Theory – Where do I start?”

Drill #47 – CAGED Guitar Scale Pattern 1

CLICK HERE for Tabs Nate shows you the first of 5 scale patterns that are essential to you guitar development – the CAGED Guitar Scale Pattern 1. The CAGED System is an ordering of bar chords and scales that help you learn how to play chords and scales in any position on the fretboard that … Continue reading “Drill #47 – CAGED Guitar Scale Pattern 1”

Drill of the Week #19 – Scale Sequence in 3rds

Nate shows you a great technique-builder based on sequencing a G Major Scale. Tabs linked below. CLICK HERE for Tabs – Link will open a new blog window.  Click link again to view.  

Shred Guitar Scales 101 – G Ionian

Learn the following G Ionian scale.  Play from memory – ascending and descending – using strict alternate picking.  I will follow up with more instruction, and you can also email us at for more scale direction…

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