Drill #52 – Single String E Minor Scale

CLICK HERE for Tabs OK so you’re soloing is getting stale. You are running out of ideas, and your improvisation is uninspiring. Here’s a way for you to generate new ideas, reinvigorate musical expression in your lead playing, and also serve as a cool music theory lesson – the Single String E Minor Scale. Why … Continue reading “Drill #52 – Single String E Minor Scale”

Drill #51 – Paul Gilbert Style String Skipping Legato Guitar Lick

CLICK HERE for Tabs Today’s drill is a Paul Gilbert Style String Skipping Legato Guitar Lick using the minor pentatonic scale, hammer ons, and pull offs. This is also a great stretch exercise for the fretting hand, as the notes are configured in a 5-fret spread. Here are a few tips: Focus on the rhythm. … Continue reading “Drill #51 – Paul Gilbert Style String Skipping Legato Guitar Lick”

Richards Rock Academy Trocadero Promo – June 5

Thank you Bill Dowling for this great Trocadero promo video for our upcoming show at the Troc! Clips taken from rehearsal, as well as a recent show at World Cafe Live in Wilmington. Richards Rock Academy coming to the Trocadero Theatre – main stage – June 5! Facebook event HERE. Songs included in the video: … Continue reading “Richards Rock Academy Trocadero Promo – June 5”

Richards Rock Academy New York Debut!

Richards Rock Academy band Pariadin played a blistering set at The Bitter End in New York City. Their NYC debut, the band stepped up the energy and brought their A-game. They played Man in the Box by Alice in Chains, You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC, Tush by ZZ Top, and The Promise … Continue reading “Richards Rock Academy New York Debut!”

Student Covers ALL Periphery Juggernaut Solos!

I’m proud to present to you Richards Guitar Studio student Jake O’Malley (15, high school sophomore) who covers all solos from the monumental double-disc concept album Juggernaut: Alpha and Omega by Periphery. Jake studies electric guitar, classical guitar, and music theory with Nate Richards. In addition, he is currently working on an original music recording … Continue reading “Student Covers ALL Periphery Juggernaut Solos!”

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