How to Play Shut Up and Dance on Guitar

CLICK HERE for Tabs Nate Richards shows you how to play Shut Up and Dance on Guitar – FOR REAL! Linked above is a 5-page guitar tab and a YouTube video lesson tutorial on how to play everything in the song, including chords, power chords, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, intro, verse, chorus, bridge, guitar solo, picking and … Continue reading “How to Play Shut Up and Dance on Guitar”

How to Play Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Yup, that’s right – how to play Blank Space by Taylor Swift. While she’s not known for feats of guitar gymnastics, Taylor Swift has consistently written songs that the public goes nuts over. Soooo, at parties and gatherings, it’s always great to be able to play songs that people know and can sing along. Ironically, … Continue reading “How to Play Blank Space by Taylor Swift”

NEW RGS Podcast!!!

We are excited to announce the release of the new RGS podcast! Search “Richards Guitar Studio” to subscribe/listen/download on iTunes, or listen below! To listen on your mobile device, use iTunes or Apple Podcast App, or download the Podomatic App at the bottom of THIS PAGE now. UPCOMING: Interviews, lessons, tips, advice, motivation, and much more! We … Continue reading “NEW RGS Podcast!!!”

In This Moment – The Promise Guitar Cover

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio In This Moment – The Promise guitar cover. Richards Rock Academy song for upcoming show. I used a 7-string guitar with the E string dropped to D (for teaching purposes for rock band school). Lots of fun, and our rock band is currently playing this at local shows. A few … Continue reading “In This Moment – The Promise Guitar Cover”

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