RGS Teacher Eric Matelyan plays Dream Theater

At 36 seconds into this video, you will be rendered speechless…….  

Bach…..on electric guitar! Tabs here!

One of the coolest ways to pick up new licks and expand your repertoire on electric guitar is to learn classical transcriptions. I have many transcriptions for electric guitar by Bach and Paganini, originally written for piano (clavichord), lute, and violin.  I transcribed the complete 15 Two-Part Inventions by J.S. Bach (written for clavichord) for electric … Continue reading “Bach…..on electric guitar! Tabs here!”

Shred Guitar Scales 101 – G Ionian

Learn the following G Ionian scale.  Play from memory – ascending and descending – using strict alternate picking.  I will follow up with more instruction, and you can also email us at richards@richardsguitarstudio.com for more scale direction…

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