Drill #51 – Paul Gilbert Style String Skipping Legato Guitar Lick

CLICK HERE for Tabs Today’s drill is a Paul Gilbert Style String Skipping Legato Guitar Lick using the minor pentatonic scale, hammer ons, and pull offs. This is also a great stretch exercise for the fretting hand, as the notes are configured in a 5-fret spread. Here are a few tips: Focus on the rhythm. … Continue reading “Drill #51 – Paul Gilbert Style String Skipping Legato Guitar Lick”

Drill #46 – John Petrucci Warm Up Exercise

CLICK HERE for Tabs Nate shows you a variation on a great John Petrucci warm up exercise from the book Rock Discipline. This exercise focuses on string skipping, alternate picking, stretch, finger independence, and finger dexterity control. If you only have a few minutes to warm up before playing guitar, this is a great choice … Continue reading “Drill #46 – John Petrucci Warm Up Exercise”

3 String Skipping Blues Scale Licks

CLICK HERE for Tabs In this lesson, I show you how to play 3 string skipping blues scale licks on guitar. I have to say that I went a bit out there and made them especially confusing and difficult – that way you’ll get a lot of technique out of them. They sound pretty cool … Continue reading “3 String Skipping Blues Scale Licks”

Drill of the Week #30 – String Skipping Lick

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio shows you how to play a fast string skipping lick in this guitar lesson by Richards Guitar Studio. The lesson includes how to use alternate picking, speed, and string skipping combined to create killer lead guitar licks. Great for metal, shred, and rock lead guitar playing and guitar solos, as … Continue reading “Drill of the Week #30 – String Skipping Lick”

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