Scales Lesson #2: Scale Sequences

Scales Lesson #2: Scale Sequences Nate shows you how to play scale sequences, scale patterns, to develop your guitar scale technique using the A minor pentatonic scale. Scales Lesson #2 Tabs

Finger Exercises #1: Tutorial and Play-Along | Week #1

Finger Exercises #1: Tutorial and Play-Along | Week #1 See chapters in the video for the tutorial and play-along time stamps. Nate shows you the procedure for how to warm up with finger exercises, using Week #1 from a year-long finger exercise program! Here you will learn the exercises and the technique. Weekly Finger Exercise … Continue reading “Finger Exercises #1: Tutorial and Play-Along | Week #1”

Drill of Week #50 – Bach Electric Guitar Excerpt

CLICK HERE for Tabs This post is not a tutorial or lesson. The Bach electric guitar excerpt here is from Invention No. 4 in D minor, and I give you advise in the video about how to approach practicing and performing this piece. You must spend a lot of time diligently practicing the tabs linked … Continue reading “Drill of Week #50 – Bach Electric Guitar Excerpt”

Drill #46 – John Petrucci Warm Up Exercise

CLICK HERE for Tabs Nate shows you a variation on a great John Petrucci warm up exercise from the book Rock Discipline. This exercise focuses on string skipping, alternate picking, stretch, finger independence, and finger dexterity control. If you only have a few minutes to warm up before playing guitar, this is a great choice … Continue reading “Drill #46 – John Petrucci Warm Up Exercise”

3 String Skipping Blues Scale Licks

CLICK HERE for Tabs In this lesson, I show you how to play 3 string skipping blues scale licks on guitar. I have to say that I went a bit out there and made them especially confusing and difficult – that way you’ll get a lot of technique out of them. They sound pretty cool … Continue reading “3 String Skipping Blues Scale Licks”

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