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I had an excellent 1st lesson with Austin today… your studios are nicely equipped, and made my lesson all the better.  Now I know what I’ve been missing all these years. I think Austin will be a good match for me, and seems motivated to keep me busy with some structured lessons.  I have to say already, that was one of the most productive lessons I have ever had, and that was considering a get to know you intro and an unprepared, on-the-fly lesson by Austin.  Plus, I felt like I was “jamming with a pro” within 10 minutes of a lesson and felt great about it… Just wanted to say thanks and that I have notified Austin that I’ll be starting lessons next week with him on Wednesdays. “ -N. 

“…Sophia has been with Nick for a year now and he continues to exceed my expectations.  My husband and I are both AMAZED at how well Sophia plays the guitar.  Nick is such a great fit for her… Thanks for a great year.  I look forward to many more. “ -S.

 I’m writing to tell you again how much I enjoyed the classical guitar concert you put together last Saturday. I’m not an accomplished guitarist but I treasure the time I get to play… I’m not really familiar with the classical repertoire but have always gravitated towards the “classical” type of playing… I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet this week listening to, and viewing, a selection of classical guitar pieces using your program as a starting point. Very rewarding. I have more respect for your students.  Thanks again for the introduction to this world. -J.

Richards Guitar Studio has been wonderful for my son Evan. I know when his school music teacher recommended Nate, that the studio was 100% trustworthy, professional, and great. Evan has learned so much from Nate and it’s great to see him progress weekly into now playing full songs and practicing without me having to ask him. Evan loves his electric guitar lessons so much that he has started a “band” with his friends (they are all 9 years old, so it’s really funny to watch). His 6 year old younger sister, sees what Evan can do now and is bugging me to get her an electric guitar and take lessons at Richards Guitar Studio (she also is begging to be in her brother’s band, but for now they have her job as band security) . I highly recommended Richards Guitar Studio! – L.F.

“Both of my sons are taking lessons at Richards Guitar Studio.  They look forward to it every week, and they are really getting great results!” – J.A.

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