The Offspring Come Out and Play Guitar Lesson and Guitar Cover

richardsguitarstudio on February 19, 2014

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This song is a blast! Enjoy this Come Out and Play guitar lesson and cover video – great for a Saturday morning jam when you have nothing going on and all the time in the world to rock your house. This song is very fast – much faster than you may realize. So, accuracy from the beginning is key. I always say that speed is developed like a “hockey stick” graph and not a 45 degree straight line graph. You work at a slow tempo for 80% of the time, then all your speed shoots up rapidly in the last 20% of your development of the song, lick, technique, picking, etc. that you are currently trying to build speed. Here are a few tips:

  1.  Please, please, please follow the picking! You won’t be able to play the song properly in rhythm/tempo. People usually go with the technique they know until it either doesn’t work, or until they’ve been convinced a new technique will work better. This is your chance to be convinced that maybe your approach to picking (or lack thereof) can use a new perspective. Align the pick with the rhythmic notation the way I’ve done here – it will go a long way for you. I promise – and I never ask students to practice something that I haven’t worked on myself.
  2. Watch the hammer-ons and slides in Section D. The grace note in measure 4 is played with the pick, not before it. It looks like you’re supposed to slide before the pick, but that’s just how grace notes are notated (before the principal note). So, pick the 7 and immediately slide to 9, then slide back to 7 – all in one movement.
  3. Try the “beginner version” haha of Section E – the verse. I say “beginner” because it’s still hard. Basically, it sets you up to play in time, then add in the 16th notes as “filler” once you’re up to speed.

Nate from Richards Guitar Studio plays a guitar cover and shows you how to play Come Out and Play (Keep em Separated) by The Offspring on guitar as played on their album Smash. Use this guitar lesson and guitar tabs to learn the notes, picking, chords, riff, hammer-ons, slides, and strumming technique in this song. Guitar tutorial with guitar tabs.

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